About us

As a privately owned family company it is the processing and trading of nuts, nut kernels and dried fruit, which is our core business. As one of the few providers in the market, we incorporate everything from harvesting to processing up to product marketing.


Über uns

Why Preminux GmbH?

Our particular advantage and our unparalleled market strength is our knowledge and presence in the procurement and sales markets as well as many years of experience in diverse cultivation and production segments. Our customers can be sure of consistent delivery of excellent quality at competitive prices. As specialists we have made it our responsibility to monitor continuously the production on site in strict compliance with the EU-food laws. At the same time  we support  the local growers in the framework of fair trade.

Our commitment to premium quality and diligence ensures the satisfaction of our customers as well as the long-term relationships with our growers and partners. It would be our pleasure to send you some samples, so that you can be convinced of the quality of our products.

We look forward to your inquiry!