The date palm originates from the area around the Persian Gulf. Besides Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and California are the main growing areas today. As of its fifth year after planting the date palm bears fruit, but as of the eighth to tenth year the palm brings its maximum harvest.

The Rotab Mazafati dates, cultivated in the Iranian region of Bam, are particularly soft and sweet. They are counted among the best quality dates worldwide.

Harvested  in September, the date fruits are cut from the palm, before being attached to a shaking machine, which separates the individual fruits from the stalks. Subsequently the dates undergo a cleansing process before being brought to a standardized uniform water content. 

Dates are either consumed in their pure form or found in industrial processing for example as syrup or sugar supplement.

Dates are rich in fibres and help to maintain low cholesterol levels.

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