Our Services

The product range of Preminux GmbH undergoes a regularized and controlled procedure from origin to delivery.

Our Services
  • Preminux GmbH has longstanding business and industrial relations with the farmers in the countries of origin. Our specialists are locally present in order to examine and inspect the harvest.
  • Following the processing and treatment by selected production facilities, the products are subjected to a further thorough inspection process.
  • After the packaging, we take care of the shipping and insurance processes including equitable contractual documents according to product concerned authorities and officials.
  • At their arrival at the port of destination, all goods undergo customs clearance and trade processing.
  • Depending on the product and customer's request, additional finishing and roasting can be applied. There is also the possibility to store the goods on our premises at the Port of Hamburg.
  • The product is now ready for delivery to any destination requested by the customer.